c. Research lines

Regulation of glucose homeostasis in insulin-resistant and/or glucose-intolerant states

We our line of research we aim to discover new biological contexts that result in perturbation of glucose and/or lipid homeostasis. Usuaaly these are contexts associated to insulin resistance and/or glucose intolerance and both dysfunction are commonly observed in obesity, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes). The studies are conducted in vivo (animal) and ex vivo (tissues) by applying numerous  of structural, functional and molecular biology techniques. Our team includes national (UFSC, UNESP, UNICAMP, USP, UFRJ) and international collaborations (UMH, IBIMA).

Our group is distributed within 3 missions:

1. Rat and mouse experimental designs that may result in metabolic dysfunctions [i.e, physiological (i.e., gestation), by exposure to chemicals (i.e., agrotoxics), by exposure to drugs (i.e., glucocorticoids) or by diets/nutrients (i.e., fructose and high-fat diet)

2. Mechanisms involved with the peripheral tissue (endocrine pancreas, liver and adipose tissue) dysfunctions in prediabetes contexts 

3. Nutrients, compounds, and pharmacotherapies that can attenuate metabolic dysfunctions in mouse or rats models of prediabetes